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Why Education Reform Keeps Failing Students

"Education reform has been on the national political agenda for decades, but has significant progress ever been made? In his new book, “Addicted to Reform,” former NewsHour education correspondent John Merrow chronicles the many attempts."


Here's a 21st Century Skill--and How to Teach It!

Daniel Willingham writes about his skepticism about neglect of domain knowledge among the proponents of 21st century skills. "Most of student time should be devoted to math, science, reading, civics, history, etc., much the way it the looked in the 20th century."


Three versions of personalized learning, three challenges

"Personalized learning is, of course, not new, but there is much greater urgency in evaluating its potential advantages and drawbacks, largely because of the promise/threat of two gargantuan funders (Gates & Chan-Zuckerberg) to make personalized learning a priority."