Presentations and Webinars

These are presentations and webinars we have created and given that you can take and present to your educators.


The Matthew Effect: A different look at the causes of the achievement gap, featuring David Liben, will allow you the chance to explore the achievement gap and further understand why the gap in reading continues to grow as less affluent students progress through school. Literacy teachers of all grades K-12 will benefit from this important information, and will learn about text-set resources to support teaching and learning in their own classroom.   

A Different Look at the Causes of the Achievement Gap in Reading                                                                                            

What is meant by reading fluently? What are the characteristics of fluent readers, and what can teachers do to support all students in building fluency? Watch this webinar to hear from the experts about what works and get ready-to-use ideas for your classroom!

To what extent has the half-century continuance of the opportunity gap been a result of literacy instruction in the US being backwards? David Liben showcases recent research that asks us to consider whether the traditional approach to literacy instruction is, in fact, all turned around. Watch this webinar to find out whether your ELA/literacy instruction contains the evidence-based ingredients validated in this research.